InfoCard Selector for Safari

This is currently still at the proof of concept stage, and is lacking most of the features found in the official CardSpace selector from Microsoft. In the latest version (0.2.1219), multiple "self-asserted" or "personal" cards can be created, stored, and selected. The selector plug-in will seed new InfoCards by pulling the logged in account's personal information from the AddressBook application. It should work with existing installs of Safari, and with most relying parties.

The plug-in itself is a wrapper around Chuck Mortimore's Java implementation of an InfoCard token generator. For those of you out there using Firefox, check out Chuck's cross-platform Firefox InfoCard selector.

So download the Safari Plug-In below and give it a spin. Send me any feedback at igb at

I'll post new releases here as features are added and bugs are fixed.

An RSS feed of releases and project news is available here:

New Features/Enhancements in v0.2.1219:


Currently there are two versions, one for the new Intel-based Apple's, and one for the PowerPC-based machines. At some point I'll figure out how to get XCode to generate a Universal Binary. (I suppose the PowerPC build might work on the Intel Macs, that's what Rosetta is all about right? But it hasn't been tested on the Intel arch, so YMMV.)

Intel version

PowerPC version


Installation is pretty simple. After downloading the ZIP file, extract the archive. You should now have a .pkg file. Just double click on the .pkg file and step through the installer wizard. After installation, just fire up Safari and off you go!


Simple Login to Identity Blog and Bandit Wiki

For the faint of heart, or for those running those other operating systems, here's a short screencast of the selector in action, authN'ing against Novell and OSIS's Bandit project as well as Kim Cameron's PHP/WordPress RP:

Login Using Optional Claims

A short demonstration of the selector interacting with the sample relying party, which allows users to submit a set of optional claims:

click to download movie

click to download movie


Mad props go out to Laurie Rae, David Huska, and Anil Edakkunni for technical advice and no small amount of testing.

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